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pride 1 course descriptions

  • Health & Sports Discovery (Dibbens) - 25 minutes - Students will learn about current health topics as well as research famous athletes and coaches.

  • Backpacking Through Europe (Gihring) - 25 minutes- Students will be learning about different European countries. Students will travel through 3 - 6 European countries.  Use Google, travel sites, your parents, travel books, and any other resource you can think of to plan your trip. Most important, have fun as you learn about Europe.

  • Genius Hour (Baker) - 25 minutes - We will self reflect about what we are excited to learn about. Using that information and through research, we will design a project that will be presented to the class. With whatever time is left, we will do different science projects (such as Rube Goldberg machines) and do dramatic readings of different poems and stories.

  • Wellness & Motivation (Bacon) - 50 minutes - This Pride Time 1 course is primarily rooted in motivation and goal setting. We will watch and discuss/report on inspirational videos, many with sports and health related backgrounds. Also, we will supplement our time with some current school/world events, as well as silent reading on each student’s preferred topic.

  • Pride Time Media (Buller/Matile) - 50 minutes - 1) Students will examine noteworthy political, social, and economic topics of current interest. There will be no textbook but course material will be drawn from newspapers, news magazines, the electronic media, scholarly publications and the Internet. Coursework may entail an additional amount of reading and writing. 2) Students will be responsible for covering various school events and activities, as well as noteworthy current events, using video equipment and creating stories using footage, interviews and reporting skills. Students taking this course must be self-directed, with the ability to work with others. Leadership, cooperation and high standards of achievement are essential in all staff members. Students will receive training on skills needed to accomplish the tasks involved in creating a weekly school video broadcast (Pride Time News), as well as other assigned tasks (special video projects).

  • Adventures in Art History (Dugan) - 50 minutes - Students will learn about the life stories and techniques of artists throughout time using reading, writing, and math concepts. Students will have the opportunity to explore different artists’ techniques while creating small art projects related to the artist

  • Audio/Visual Script Writing (Werner) - 50 minutes - An introduction to the script writing process involving Screenplays, Radio and Television and advertising. Students should like to write creatively and also be able to work on teams but also be self motivated. The course will address develop the following skills: 1) Ability to write broadcast and online copy in contemporary, professional style; 2) Recognition of standard audio and video news formats; 3) Ability to create and produce basic announcements, promos and commercial; 4) Familiarity with contemporary standards of excellence in audio production; 5) Development of independent work habits.

  • Yearbook & Current Events (Birch) - Students will plan, create, edit, label, and publish the yearbook. They will take photos of various school functions and edit these photos. When needed, they spend time reviewing and discussing current events.

  • _______ Petersen:

  • Pride Chamber Orchestra (Menninga/Tann) - this class only meets on Fridays. Students will learn new orchestra music and prepare for performances in the community and at orchestra concerts.

  • Genius Hour and Recycling:( Coffee)  25 minutes - We will self reflect about what we are excited to learn about. Using that information and through research, we will present a slide show to the class about what we are interested in. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we will do recycling.  If some students are interested we will work on weeding in the gardens.

  • Pride Jazz Band (Bergman/Ives) This class only meets on Fridays. Students will learn to play multiple jazz styles and have a minimum of two performances.

  • The music PRIDE (Bucklin) class is designed to give students additional opportunities to explore music. Students who participate in this class will have the opportunity to share in group discussion, learn about history/music, ukulele, musicals, bucket drums, and various other musical topics. Through this class, students will be exposed to a wide variety of music and composing styles. The goal of this class to give students an opportunity to expand and explore their creativity and musical knowledge.

  • Student Council - Student leaders will plan events, fundraisers, activities, competitions etc to promote school spirit and a positive school culture. Such activities include food drives, Valentine’s fundraiser, pep rallies, spirit weeks, student of the month program, locker signs, etc. Student officers are responsible for planning and leading 1-2 meetings a week.