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Attendance Policy


Regular attendance at school is important for a student’s success.  Students are expected to be at school every day and report to class on time.  This is a legal obligation as well as a school expectation.



A tardy is defined as entering the classroom after the bell has rung. Late arrival to school or class is always discouraged. The following is our policy for unexcused tardies:


Students will be allowed four (4) unexcused tardies without consequence.  When a student is tardy a fifth (5th) time, he/she will be assigned a 30 minute detention to be served before (7:15-7:45 a.m.) or after (3:25-3:55) school. Consequently, a 2nd detention will be assigned when a student is tardy the 6th time.  In addition, parents and school personnel will work collaboratively to determine if and when a behavior plan should be developed for continued tardiness. Written notice will be provided to the student and parent  documenting the date, time, and location detention(s) will be served. A parent/guardian will be notified if the student is not present for their detention(s) and further disciplinary action will be administered.



When a student is absent from school I.C. will generate a phone call home at 9:00 a.m. letting parents know their student is absent.   The principal has been designated to determine the acceptability and validity of excuses presented by the parent(s) or the student.


Procedures for notifying parents on the day of a student’s absence shall be published in the student handbook. Excused/Unexcused Absences The definition of “excused absence” includes the following:

  • Personal illness;

  • Health-related treatment, examination, or recuperation;

  • Serious illness or death of a member of the family;

  • Obligatory religious observances;

  • Participation in a district-approved or school sponsored activity or course;


Absences pre-arranged by parents and approved by the principal; and Students of active duty military personnel may have additional excused absences at the discretion of the principal for visitations relative to leave or deployment.  


All absences which do not fit into one of the above categories would be considered an unexcused absence. A student serving a period of suspension or expulsion from the district shall not be considered inexcusably absent  Significant Part of a School Day: An absence of more than three class periods in any school day shall be considered an absence for a significant part of the school day.

Make-Up Work: It is the student’s responsibility to obtain make-up assignments from teachers following an excused or unexcused absence.

Parents may excuse their student a significant portion of 10 days per year for student illness, professional appointments, serious illness or death of a family member, religious observances, or absences pre-arranged by parents and approved by the principal.  Parents should contact the attendance secretary when their student is going to be absent.  There is no limit for specific absences excused by licensed medical personnel (physicians, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors).  A detailed note including date, time, and signed by the physician must be provided within 3 days of a health-related absence.  Other absences; for example, court appearances; will be managed on an as needed basis