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Dress Code


Students are expected to dress appropriately for school every day.  All clothing must be in good taste.  Jackets, belt buckles, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and all other articles of clothing may not have lettering, slogans, trademarks, pictures, or advertisements which are inappropriate, suggestive, or obscene.  This specifically prohibits students from wearing messages that relate to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, violence, sex, vulgarity, or messages that reflect adversely upon persons because of their race or their ethnic or religious group.


The guidelines apply to apparel worn during the school day or any school sponsored event. Apparel and clothing violating the dress code will necessitate a change of clothing and/or may be a cause for in-school-suspension.  


  • Shirts must be long enough to cover the beltline so that the torso is not visible.

  • Tank tops with large armholes and/or low necklines may not be worn unless another appropriate shirt is worn underneath. Undergarments may not be shown.

  • Students should not wear shirts that have thin spaghetti straps.  Tops that expose breast tissue will not be allowed. Tank top straps should be at least 2 inches wide (approximately two fingers wide). Strapless tops will not be allowed.


  • The style of wearing pants or shorts known as "sagging" is not permitted.  Students will be required to use a belt or rope to tighten the waistband to insure clothing remains around a student's waist.

  • Shorts must have a two inch in-seam. Skirts and dresses must reach mid-thigh. Jeans with holes must not expose undergarments and follow the guidelines above.


  • Hats, caps, hoods, hoodies, bandanas, or other head apparel that is distracting to the learning environment and/or presents a safety concern, must be removed upon entry to the building except on designated days (i.e. spirit week)  

  • Any type of clothing designed to be worn as an undergarment should not be worn as outerwear.

  • Any clothing-jewelry, or accessory that could be a safety hazard will not be allowed.

  • Book bags, string bags, purses, and heavy winter coats are to be kept in the locker and will NOT be allowed in the classroom.  

  • No sleeping attire, including pajamas, house shoes, robes, and blankets are not allowed except on designated days (i.e. spirit week)

  • Extreme styles of dress and/or makeup will not be accepted.  Appearance that is distracting to the learning environment is unacceptable.

  • School administration will make the final determinations about appropriate appearance and disciplinary action.  Students will be directed to change into clean clothing provided in the office, unless they have a gym suit or other appropriate clothing readily available.