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Contact Staff

Contact Lynnette Doty  Lynnette Doty Administrative Assistant
Contact Everardo Flores  Everardo Flores Assistant Principal / Athletic Director
Contact Bobbi Jo Grieb  Bobbi Jo Grieb (316) 284-6260 Principal
Contact Kristen Kornfeld  Kristen Kornfeld Administrative Assistant
Contact Angie Naysmith  Angie Naysmith Nurse
Contact Steve Bacon  Steve Bacon PE Teacher
Contact Laura Baker  Laura Baker 8 Gold Science Teacher
Contact Mike Bonczyk  Mike Bonczyk PE Teacher
Contact Paxton Trembly  Paxton Trembly Agriculture Teacher
Contact Derek Bristol  Derek Bristol Career and Life Teacher
Contact Dmitry Bucklin  Dmitry Bucklin Vocal Music Teacher
Contact Daniel Buller  Daniel Buller 7 Black Social Studies Teacher
Contact Chelle Coffee  Chelle Coffee 7 Black Science Teacher
Contact Jamie Dibbens  Jamie Dibbens PE Teacher
Contact Shardae Dickgrafe  Shardae Dickgrafe 7 Gold ELA Teacher
Contact Ronda Dugan  Ronda Dugan Art Teacher
Contact Corina Enns  Corina Enns (316) 284-6260 ex: 1623 7 Gold Science Teacher
Contact Kyle Fiedler  Kyle Fiedler JAG Specialist
Contact Micki Fryhover  Micki Fryhover 7 Black ELA Teacher
Contact Jenny Gihring  Jenny Gihring 7th Grade Computers
Contact Monty Graber  Monty Graber 7 Gold Social Studies Teacher
Contact Chris Hasan  Chris Hasan Writing Teacher
Contact Tom Hatch  Tom Hatch 8 Gold Social Studies Teacher
Contact Reagan Hermreck  Reagan Hermreck Business Teacher
Contact Tyler Ives  Tyler Ives Band Teacher
Contact Scott Jantzi  Scott Jantzi ED Teacher
Contact Rusty Jolliff  Rusty Jolliff Woods Teacher
Contact Nova Latta  Nova Latta 8 Gold ELA Teacher
Contact Jen Magnall  Jen Magnall 8 Black Math Teacher
Contact Carson Matile  Carson Matile (316) 284-6260 ex: 1645 8 Black Social Studies Teacher
Contact Joey Menninga  Joey Menninga (316) 284-6270 Orchestra Teacher
Contact Toni Mitchell  Toni Mitchell 7th Grade SPED Teacher
Contact Jessica Nguyen  Jessica Nguyen 8 Black ELA Teacher
Contact Cindy Penner  Cindy Penner Math Interventions
Contact Alex Petersen  Alex Petersen 8 Black Science Teacher
Contact Cindy Rambo  Cindy Rambo 8 Gold Math Teacher
Contact Sara Rose  Sara Rose Reading Interventions
Contact Terry Scates  Terry Scates (316) 284-6260 ex: 1664 IDD Teacher
Contact Justin Schneider  Justin Schneider 7th Grade Empower Teacher
Contact Shawna'De Smith  Shawna'De Smith 7th Grade SPED Teacher
Contact Jamie Spoonmoore  Jamie Spoonmoore 7 Black Math Teacher
Contact Scott Stuhlsatz  Scott Stuhlsatz 8th Grade SPED Teacher
Contact Kimberly Tate  Kimberly Tate ex: 1621 7 Gold Math Teacher
Contact Anna Wedel  Anna Wedel ELP Teacher
Contact John Werner  John Werner Gateway 1 & 2 Teacher
Contact Lakaya Bieker  Lakaya Bieker Psychologist
Contact Brittany Birch  Brittany Birch ex: 1662 Library Media Specialist
Contact Ralita Cheeks  Ralita Cheeks Counselor
Contact Sara Kopper  Sara Kopper SPED Social Worker
Contact Eddie Lawrence  Eddie Lawrence Social Worker
Contact Gary Littlejohn  Gary Littlejohn School Resource Officer
Contact Chris Tyler  Chris Tyler ISS Monitor
Contact Charlene Berg  Charlene Berg Paraprofessional
Contact Elizabeth Campbell  Elizabeth Campbell Paraprofessional
Contact Gayle Franz  Gayle Franz Paraprofessional
Contact Claudia Hernandez  Claudia Hernandez ELL Aide
Contact Brigitte Loescher  Brigitte Loescher Paraprofessional
Contact Christopher Mendez  Christopher Mendez ELL Aide
Contact Freddie Peters  Freddie Peters Paraprofessional
Contact Shantell Pulkrabek  Shantell Pulkrabek Paraprofessional
Contact Debra Rush  Debra Rush Paraprofessional
Contact Tiffany Wiebe  Tiffany Wiebe Paraprofesional
Contact Cynthia Crotts  Cynthia Crotts Custodian
Contact Judy Hernandez  Judy Hernandez Custodian
Contact Roxanne Wright  Roxanne Wright Custodian
Contact Sarah Curtis  Sarah Curtis Food Service
Contact Geraldine Epp  Geraldine Epp Food Service
Contact Rachel McLay  Rachel McLay Food Service
Contact Kelsi Morrison  Kelsi Morrison Food Service
Contact Ramona Sandoval  Ramona Sandoval Food Service
Contact Christina Trujillo  Christina Trujillo Food Service